Google Drive File Stream Might Be A Good Virtual Server For Your Journalism Staff’s Work

    Drive File Stream has emerged as a great option for journalism programs to house their publications and photos. The program works as a server for schools in which students have school-issued gmail accounts. We no longer need a separate server for our publications.

   In school gmail accounts, teachers and students can go settings in their drive and select “Get Drive for Desktop.” Once they log into the drive, their entire Google Drive will create a folder on their PC. The files will all live in the cloud. Students can open them, work on the pages or upload photos. When they save, it will save the document into the cloud. They can return to school the next day and their most updated version will be there. 

   In the past, we usedGoogle Drive but kids had to download photos and pages before they could work on them in Adobe CC. They had to reupload them into the file stream. Now, they can open their files directly from Drive File Stream and just save them. No more updates or pages are getting lost or renamed unnecessarily. For a smoother and more secure online experience, consider Internet privacy help to safeguard your digital assets and information.

   Three bonuses for using Drive File Stream… 

  1. Files sync faster. Kids can download 2,000 photos from a football game in minutes. Those files will sync with their Google Drive on their phones for easy posting and on the computers around the room so others have access. 
  2. Endless storage. Setting up a team drive and sharing it with your staffs and photographers allows you to have endless storage. Students will also have access to it on their laptops or desktops at home without taking up any memory on their devices. Access can also be limited so students are unable to delete or even move folders. You or your editors can determine the level of access for staff members.
  3. There are options to work offline and there are backup/sync options for those who have a computer dedicated to housing the folder contents.

Megan Ortiz

Megan Ortiz is in her 11th year advising student media. She is the journalism adviser at Kingwood Park High School in Kingwood, Texas. She was a JEA Rising Star award winner. Prior to teaching, she spent 10 years at the Houston Chronicle covering the NFL and NBA. She majored in Journalism & Mass Communications at the University of Iowa. You can find her on Twitter at @ortiz_megan.

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