Tips for Ending the Year for the Website and Leadership Training

Wrapping up the end of the year has become one of the best times of year in our news lab. Journalism without deadlines, seniors getting ready to move on with the next stage of their lives, and next year’s editors making plans to take over. Below are a few tips I have learned to end the year on a good note.

  1. WEBSITE REDESIGN UPGRADE – Update your theme through SNO or upgrade your theme. This year SNO has moved to Flex Pro. The web editors are working with SNO to upgrade to the new theme and design the site for next year. It is under a bit of construction and the end of the year is generally a good time for the site to have a bit of downtime. SNO also has a new advertising service. Making sure you are in SNO’s new ad service as well as thanking your advertising while hitting them up for an ad for next year is a good end of the year project. Letting students know that this can be a fundraising project to go on trips the following year also motivates them to get on the ad sales train.
  2. PUT THE EXECS IN CHARGE – It is time for the juniors to take charge. Let them design an end-of-the-year assignment. What we usually do is to have next year’s Exec create a Google form for all the staff to complete. Questions usually include what you are excited about doing for the publication, any concerns, beat (news or sports area to cover each month), do you have the ability to design, and how much of a workload each month do you think you can handle. I put the Execs in charge of meeting with all the staff members and collecting points for meeting with them. This is important as the staff members and editors get used to reporting to the execs to earn their points. I do step in on who is able to design pages the following year. Designers have to create templates and design projects that are approved by the Execs and me.
  3. STICKERS – Print off stickers to go out with the yearbook. To try and make the yearbook distribution a bit more fun we have printed off stickers to go with the book. They are “kiss cut” stickers from Sticker Giant. See our stickers below
  4. PRESS PASSES – For any new staff member or anyone who doesn’t have one we work with the main office to print off press passes with the LH logo on the plastic student ID cards.
  5. PRINTING DATES AND DEADLINES – Yearbook Page Ladder and Newspaper Print Dates – Yearbook editors plan the page ladder for next year and the newspaper editors decide on dates for publication.
  6. RECRUITING – Senior editors can take trips down to the 8th-grade middle school to talk to them about why journalism is the best class and why they should join.
Yearbook Stickers – This sheet of stickers is inserted into each yearbook.

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