Be sure you know which flipbook program you want to use — recommended

Little did I know the adventure I would embark upon.

Having used for years, I wasn’t ready for the number of options I had for creating a flipbook.

There’s a variety out there, and in my naïveté I chose the one with a free download.  Instant Flipbook is a nice program, but its $77 price tag for my itty bitty experiment wasn’t as immediately satisfying as the quick download was.

I had already chosen 22 .jpgs for my photo gallery, reduced their sizes to less than 1 MB each, renamed them, and resaved them as .pdfs.

Among a list of flipbook programs available online, Instant Flipbook looked good because it offered a free download.

I tried a few free flipbook programs, like the Instant Flipbook above in which I had to take one more step to combine the 22 .pdfs into a single .pdf, but nothing was working easily.

Then I remembered, which is a mobile app.

I signed up, chose the 20 picture limit (no other editing or preparation), and after adding a caption was able in less than one minute to publish to Facebook and Twitter.

I shared the flipbook links by email to myself for use here.  My email notification from Steller looked thus:

Immersive Storytelling workshop in Indianapolis had participants try out Google VR viewers.

– Get Steller free on the App Store:

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 I recommend Stellar for a quick flipbook with no fuss, no expense, and least amount of effort.


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