Goodreader app for iPhone, iPad has potential for journalism advisers, students

For $4.99, Goodreader is the leading app for students and teachers who are pioneering tablets and mobile devices in education.

Introduced in Spring 2012 originally for 99 cents, the app allows iPhone and iPad users to download, view, and annotate pdf files from the internet.

In an iPad for Education workshop June 8 in San Francisco, the apple representative from whom I learned about the app, said, “Goodreader is a good reader of all types of docs.”

He added, “(Goodreader) doesn’t do a lot, but what it does do, it does well.”

In the few reviews I’ve read and watched, it seems to work like a  It is a web-based productivity tool that doesn’t imprison one to access and open a file from any particular machine or software.

Files can be viewed via a scrolling elevator or a flip-page option (like Issuu).  A reader can also choose to see more than one page at a time, which is similar to digiproofs from the printer.

Some uses that come to mind for scholastic journalism include brainstorming layouts side-by-side and critiquing pages prior to publication (although there are other ways this can be done as well).

The new app certainly can be used to share assignments and textbook reading over the Internet, which is one of the ways Apple predicts the iPad will transition into a more all-in-one product for its consumers.

Below are some reviews of Goodreader that helped me understand its potential.

Print Review

4-minute YouTube Review

10-minute YouTube Review (This one shows more uses than the 4-minute one; I found it more useful).






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