Workshops: Ball State University Summer DM Journalism Workshops for Students and Advisers

Once again, we are compiling a list of digital media workshops for the summer of 2011. If you would like to have your digital media workshop listed, please fill out the form here. Once you do, we’ll get you added to the list. We will also be creating one post for each workshop.

Ball State University Summer Journalism Workshops

Where: Muncie, Ind.

When: June 17-19 and 24-26, July 24-28 and July 29-31


Contact: Megan McNames / 765-285-8900 /

Digital Media Courses:

Adviser Courses
June 17-19

Videos, Podcasts, Soundslides and More” – The average Internet user watches 186 online videos per month. Whether you advise broadcast, newspaper or online students, there’s a place in your classroom for video and other new media. We’ll show you how to plan for and create video and other new media, as well as how to incorporate software training into your classroom.

June 24-26

Mastering the Web” – Taking your publication online will not only give your students the skills they’ll need in college, but it will also save you money! In this course, we’ll guide you in creating, designing and populating a website your students will use for years to come. We’ll also show you how to incorporate your new site into your curriculum. This course includes free web hosting for an entire year and free premium WordPress themes.

Going Online: Confidentiality, Copyright and the Law” – Web publishing has its own set of laws and copyright concerns. In this course, you’ll learn about media law and ethics as they relate to web publishing.

Student Courses
July 24-28

Media Maestro” – It takes a team to put together a media product, so let’s start acting like one! This course will teach you the benefits of the maestro concept and how to work together with other staff members to produce the most informative and compelling stories and multimedia of the year. Pairs or trios of students from the same staff are encouraged to register for this course. Everyone in the class will be assigned a group.

Social Media Management” – 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month, and 100 million people joined Twitter in 2010 alone. Journalists now know that social media is the future. But with recent technological advances, it’s hard to figure out exactly what to do, when to do it and how to manage it all. This course will help you use and understand multiple social media technologies and develop a social media plan and policies for live event coverage. You’ll also learn how social media can help your staff manage deadlines, collaborate on content and understand readers’ wants and needs.

Mastering the Web” – You need a website. We’ll help you make one. In this course, we’ll help you set up a functioning publications website (we’ll even let you use our hosting service for free for six months!). You’ll learn the ins and outs of the WordPress Content Management System – the same CMS taught to undergraduate students in the Ball State Department of Journalism – in addition to valuable web skills like writing and designing for online, blogs, podcasting, making regular updates and more. If you’ve already got a website, bring it with you, we’ll help you make it better! Includes plenty of lab time to create and develop your site.

Shooting and Editing Video” – The average Internet user watches 186 online videos per month. Whether you are working for your school’s TV station or online news source, it’s clear that today’s audiences demand video storytelling. In this course, you’ll learn how to shoot and edit video, report and interview on camera, write for broadcast and select a lineup for your broadcast.

Alternative Storytelling and Information Graphics” – Did you know that you remember 80 percent of what you see, but just 20 percent of what you read? For this reason, alternative storytelling and information graphics are becoming the standard for storytelling across all platforms. In this course, you’ll learn how to research for, conceptualize, sketch and design alternative story formats and information graphics.

July 29-31

Social Media Management” – Three days of intensive training in social media management for young journalists. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a community online and leverage that community to create an audience for your publication.

Mastering the Web” – Three days of intensive training in web publishing, including creating and developing a publications website using the WordPress content management system. This course includes free web hosting for a year! It is taught by the same instructors who teach WordPress and website management here at Ball State.

Media Maestro” – Three days of intensive training in developing multimedia project teams for your publication. You’ll learn how to incorporate new and emerging technology into your reporting and how to create teams of reporters to produce traditional and new media side-by-side.”


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