Tiny Assignments Can Assess Big Curricular Goals

In the “old normal,” I would assign a web-based portfolio as the final for the spring semester, but this year we were told to “do only the essentials” and “lighten their load in the stress of COVID-19.” 

I dropped those plans. I think many of us dropped or revised many a lesson plan in these last 60 days of quarantine.

So how do we create a quick assessment of essential digital journalism skills without a massive, multi-week, end-of-the-year project? 

Here’s two eLearning assignments I gave students to close out this semester of Journalism 1 Broadcast and Journalism 1. 

In J1B, I wanted them to share all the skills of video production including lighting, anchor presence, poise, pacing, graphics production, editing, etc.: http://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/SignOff.pdf

In J1, I wanted to see their writing with clarity and brevity, plus design skills: http://www.jeadigitalmedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/6WordStoryandDesign.pdf

Christina Geabhart

Christina Geabhart, MJE, advises a daily news broadcast, the monthly newsmagazine and online for Oak Park High School, plus a district sports broadcast program for NKC Schools in North Kansas City, MO. She has been the 2009 Missouri Interscholastic Press Association Journalism Teacher of the Year, a 2009 Dow Jones Distinguished Adviser of the Year and is one of the 2017 JEA Distinguished Broadcast Advisers of the Year. She has also served on KC metro, state and national committees and boards for journalism.

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