Turning Broadcast Scripts to Digital Writing Amid COVID-19

Although many of our students are already immersed in delivering content on digital platforms, we also have a robust broadcast journalism capstone at the University of Georgia’s Grady College.

So, with the suspension of the semester on campus and the transition to online learning, all capstone students—even those most comfortable in front of a green screen—will now be writing only for digital.

We see this as a tremendous opportunity for our studio-based students to stretch their digital skills even farther (and experiment with out-of-the-box forms of video on various platforms), but we also realize that writing for prompter or for a 1:15 broadcast package can be functionally different than best practices in digital writing.

This guide grew out of that pivot. Feel free to use it if it would help your students as they transition.

Amanda Bright

Amanda Bright, PhD, MJE, is a journalism academic professional at the University of Georgia, Grady College. Before that, she was a journalism instructor and yearbook adviser at Eastern Illinois University, a scholastic journalism adviser for newspaper and yearbook in Mattoon, Ill., a member of the Illinois Journalism Education Association, and a professional journalist.

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