Visme: A New Online Infographic and Slide Shows Maker

In the growing market of infographic and slide makers Visme has entered the fray.

Visme offers a new level of design capabilities for infographics and presentations.  For print publications a Premium account is required to download high resolution PDFs, which does run $175 per year.

Overall the program is very well designed to create infographics and presentations with more options than most other infographic makers.  In an intuitive way the online program works with templates, themes and layers to allow users to create infographics and presentations.  It felt similar to combining Photoshop with other infographic makers.

“We have a number (of benefits over their competitors): We are true presentation and infographic tool. you can do both. Most tools only allow one and ones that do allow both lack features on one or the other. You can also embed anything from third parties, embed maps, forms, surveys, etc. from third parties  Add video and upload/record audio right inside visme
– animate any object and add interactivity (such as rollovers, pop-ups, links to sites),” Paymay Tae, Founder of Visme, said.

These features are showcased on the Visme YouTube videos.

Students working on the Beta version enjoyed the advanced features of the online software.  Their blog also had useful tutorials from “How to Weave a Narrative with Compelling Visuals”, “How to Make an Interactive Infographic,” and “12 Signs Your Infographic Sucks”.  They also had an assortment of useful tutorials for users.

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