Give your outdated equipment and tech one last bit of life with some Deconstructed Photography

Let’s face it, in the world of Digital Media equipment becomes outdated and broken. If you’re anything like me, there’s a variety of items in a state of disrepair within the confines of your classroom.

Have you ever considered giving them a second life? It is possible thanks to Deconstructed Photography.

The beauty of setting up a project like this is it encourages students to fine-tune their photography and design skills in a very hands-on approach. Just a few weeks ago, several of my students took a part broken outdated digital cameras I couldn’t bear to scrap just yet, along with old VHS tapes. They carefully laid out each part and created some amazing photographs.

Some were frustrated in the attempt to properly light and get the focus just right. Yet, the challenge allowed them the opportunity to think through the process and persevere.

So, the next time you visit that “junk drawer” or glance at those old boxes in your storage closet, think about the possibilities for a photographic adventure.

Here are a few more examples for inspiration:

Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner is an award-winning Broadcast and Photography Instructor at Washington High School in Washington, Missouri. She has advised Blue Jay Journal TV since 1998. Michelle is the 2015 MIPA Missouri High School Journalism Teacher of the Year and the 2016 Journalism Education Association’s National Broadcast Adviser of the Year. As a speaker, author and educator, Michelle encourages students to find meaningful stories and practice ethical journalism while never forgetting to make a connection with their intended audience.

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