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Jim McNay, pictured above, and Mark Murray presented with me at JEA Anaheim.

I have edited this post a couple times since I first posted it Friday morning before my presentation. I have added Zach Hetrick’s current website link and added Grant Morris’s answer about how he sold the a photo to Time Magazine. I also clarified how people can contact me to receive free photography websites and other prizes that have been offered by some generous photography companies. Initially, I required people to post here… this seemed unreasonable in retrospect. How could I ask people to post their website address if I was going to give people a free website? So I listed other ways to contact me.

Because I have updated after the presentation, sometimes this post seems disjointed. I go back and forth between the future and the past; please excuse the inconsistency.

Whether you attend the Friday Photography Portfolio presentation or not, you may also refer to my personal  blog post; it will publish at noon today.

I will continue to update this post and announce the winners of the special contest. A few photography software companies have offered special promotions to students to create photo books and websites. If you have a website already, please add it in the comment section below or send me a message at bryan (at) You can also reach me at my blog at I will add your site to help you promote your site, or help you create your own website if you do not have one.

(I also started a photography FB page where I list contact information; you can reach me there, but I probably will not respond to students who contact me at my personal FB page.)

Let’s start using the JEA Digital Media site to promote student work. If I cannot help you, I will connect you with the right people. Stay in touch.

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Here is Zach Hetrick’s current website. He has a separate wedding site.

I also asked Grant Morris how he sold a photo to Time Magazine while he was still in college. The photo, taken when Grant was a Brooks Institute college student, ran as as a two page spread in Time. Some people call this a double truck.  Grant explained, “At the time, I was represented by Zuma Press and I sold the photo through them. Timeliness was key in the sale. I filed the photo shortly after I shot it and it was less than 24 hours before it was picked up, first by MSNBC, and later, exclusively by Time.”

In college, Grant placed the first photo first. Now, Grant has moved the photo down to sixth in his current portfolio. (The portfolio is also embedded at the bottom of this post.) Please visit his current website and his production company, New Sky Productions.

To see a larger images, launch a larger slideshow by clicking the link below the slideshow.

Portfolio – Images by Grant Morris



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