Workshops: MIPA HS Journalism Workshop

Once again, we are compiling a list of digital media workshops for the summer of 2011. If you would like to have your digital media workshop listed, please fill out the form here. Once you do, we’ll get you added to the list. We will also be creating one post for each workshop.

MIPA HS Journalism Workshop

Where: Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan
When: July 31-August 4
Contact: Betsy Pollard Rau ( or Cheryl Pell (
Digital Media Courses:

“BACKPACK JOURNALISM” – • Work with professional journalists from around the state to covercthe workshop, getting fast-paced experience of life in a daily newsroom • Open to graduated seniors or any student with at least one year on a publication staff • Write stories for the web, shoot and edit photos, audio and video • Use WordPress and other open source tools to create and publish web content • Build communities around content online with social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

“SHORT VIDEO, PODCASTING & SOUNDSLIDES” – • Learn the basics of editing audio and video • Bring elements together using editing software • Create a news package that covers an event using multiple media forms • Learn to quickly capture footage by yourself, edit it, and upload to the web • Coverage, angles, and recording techniques for basic audio & video

“VIDEO STORYTELLING” – • Develop news & feature video packages that tell a story • Practice & improve video & editing skills • Use interviews, creative b-roll & narration in a video package • Use in-depth techniques to capture the subject & captivate an audience • Learn how to upload stories to YouTube, Vimeo, SchoolTube & more

“FACEBOOK JOURNALISM” – • Publish and promote your content using social media sites like Facebook • Create a WordPress page to publish stories & multimedia content • Learn how to upload via Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube & more • Optimizing content for YouTube/HD/filesize • Learn uploading & formatting of a variety of media

“NEWS WRITING FOR NEW MEDIA” – • Prepare yourself for the demands of online writing • Learn to write news • Live tweets & blogging • Explore the differences between online & print writing”


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