A lightning quick way to upload SLR images to social media

One of the best purchases I’ve made as both a photographer and adviser has been this little gem: the Apple Lightning to SD card reader.

In our gotta-get-it-out-there-now world, this has been a lifesaver for my publications photographers in multiple ways.

First off, at events, it lets photographers get their best images onto social media quickly. We don’t have SLR’s with WiFi, so this is a quick workaround to get our best images onto our social media in a really quick manner. During a quarter break for football or basketball, a photographer only needs to get the card out of their camera and attach it to their phone. Once the card is in, it opens up Photos on an iPhone and you select which images you want to upload.

In the classroom, it also allows the same sort of workaround. Instead of having to email a photo to someone who’s posting to Instagram, it allows a quick upload to the social media editor’s phone and boom, you’ve got a post.

Finally, this is a great way to get photos to others via text or email. Not every photo goes out on social media or our website, believe it or not. Sometimes, people just want one of FHC Publications photos. This is a quick way at an event to share a photograph with an administrator, parent or fellow student. It’s a great, small way to interact with your community by gifting them a photo that one of our photographers has taken. So long as it doesn’t distract the photographer from capturing images at the event, it’s a great way to share our photos and make a friend.

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