Two WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

After developing any site there comes a time when all the great stories, photos and videos start to slow down the load time.  To fix this problem there are two WordPress Plugins that will compress photos and solve cache or coding problems.  They are WP Super Cache and WP

There are a few other plugins that perform the same function and many other ways to speed up a site, but these two are a good start.  The other most common advice for speeding up a site is to limit the number of videos and images on the front page.  This seems counterproductive to producing a great Web site, but limiting the videos to two or less will speed up the load time.

Most photos are sized small for the web, but Smush It will reduce the size even more.

Below is a video tutorial on how to set up WP Super Cache, which also does require a few set up tricks to get it running correctly.  Cleaning up the cache or PHP code will eliminate many of the extra lines of codes that are present in a portable theme.

WP Super Cache Tutorial and other Tips