Broadcast Staff Structure

Staff structure for print publications such as newspaper, yearbook, et al are pretty well-known. Editor-in-chief, managing editor, etc. are commonplace, but what does leadership in a broadcast staff look like? Well, here is what I’ve done in the past (depending on numbers):

Adviser – that’s you. 

Executive Producer – oversees all operations. All content decisions go through them. He/she signs off on the finished product. Executes mission/vision decided upon by adviser and all producers. 

Associate producer – oversees day to day stuff. Scripts, assignment deadlines, etc. Reports to EP 

Segment producer – oversees all operations of their segment (e.g. – sports, reviews, “fun” segment) 

Chief photographer – top videographer you got. Mentors and evaluates photographers. 

Chief editor (we called ours “chop”) – same as photographer, but with editing.


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