Edublog Teacher Challenge helps with professional blog sites

Edublog offers a Teacher Challenge for creating a blog.

Although many from this site might be able to create one without a guide, I found the camaraderie and the step-by-step tips helped me reach a goal (even though, technically, I haven’t exactly reached my goal yet!)

Of the eight steps, I am slugging along at Step 6.  My goal is to make a blog for my state’s journalism press association.

A few of the nuggets I’ve enjoyed from the on-line professional development course for educators is some widgets that I hadn’t heard of.  One is, which will create a bookshelf widget.  I’m listing the reads from JEA One Book in my Shelfari.

I’ve gone ahead and linked my blog to Idaho State Journalism Association, and called it the Idaho State Buzz.

Although it’s a work in progress, it’s a step toward being a better teacher of blogs, and a chance to have some fun on my own at the same time.

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