There’s never enough lists of usable images — try this one!

The following useful list of sites for images is from Step 6 of Edublog’s Teacher Challenge:

Creative Commons Search – Search many sites at once – Free images from photographers around the world – One free photo per day – Huge resource for avatars or small images

Flickr Advanced Search – Use advanced search filters to show only CC licensed images

Morguefile – Free stock photos (Thanks Sue Lyon-Jones for link in comments!)

Open Clipart Libary – Public domain clipart (Thanks Sue Lyon-Jones for link in comments!)

The following are paid services I appreciate:

Deposit Photos — I registered and bought a $100 subscription for pay-per-use, and found it helped my staff on those days when we were about to publish but hadn’t quite gotten our graphics together for the Double Truck idea.

Tribune News Service — Formerly MCT Campus, this service provides images, stories, games.  Check the current terms, but when I registered years ago, it was a one-time $100 fee (forever).

One thought on “There’s never enough lists of usable images — try this one!

  • June 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    I did find that no longer offers one free photo a day, but a 30-day free trial and $4.95 / month thereafter.

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