Twitter Lists Helps You More Easily Find People/Groups You Want to Follow

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Twitter rolled out their Lists feature to the masses this week. The feature allows you to group your followers and follow others Lists they have created and made public. Poynter had a post this week on How Journalists Can Use Twitter Lists to Customize, Discover and Curate.

List are a nice way to organize those you follow, and a great way to find others of interest.

Up until now, the thing that has frustrated me at times is how tough it is to find people or groups on Twitter that you are interested in. Yes, you can search to find people. If you know who you are looking for this option can be fine. You can also go to sites you visit often and click on their social media icon to find their Twitter as well. However, unless you stumble upon a blog that lists some of the top people in an area of interest to you, finding people you haven’t heard of before can be a daunting task and involve endless mouse clicking.

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When you login to your Twitter account you should see a message about the new Lists feature at the top of the page. Follow the directions and start creating Lists of those you follow. You will also see something on your Twitter page next to the number of following/followers titled ‘Listed.’  If you click you can see who has included you in one of their lists. Scanning through others’ lists can help you focus your search to find people you’d like to follow.

I wanted to find media in St. Louis where I live. I went to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Twitter page and clicked on their ‘Listed‘ link. From there, I scanned through the Listings of what others had tagged them as and found everything from stlouispostdispatchtweeps to pd. Each of those lists helped me find people I was interested in following.

Here are some lists you might be interested in:

What lists to you find helpful? Please add them into the comments for others to find and add.

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