Mini Video Lesson: Who’s Who Bingo

I was trying to get my students to break out of the comfort zone by talking to people in the school that they may not know. I’ve shown videos from Steve Hartman’s Everyone Has a Story series numerous times, but I added another element that the students really go into: Who’s Who Bingo. I have the kids use their phones and go shoot a quick couple of shots. I use this sheet and, depending on time, we either play blackout or bingo. The interview subject puts their initials in the square.

everyone has a storyBINGO
Here are the rules:

  1. You can’t interview anyone in class. Advisers are off limits. In other words: go find new people!
  2. One person per square.
  3. As much as possible, they must demonstrate on camera as proof. (e.g. – handstand, fight song, etc.)

After they shoot, we watch the videos, I may do some analysis on their shots but the main thing is that they start talking to people.

On more than one occasion, we’ve gotten a good story idea out of this exercise. Most importantly, have fun with it! Good luck!

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