Video 101: Shooting for the Editor

Quality editing happens well before you pour yourself some coffee, fire up your computer, ingest your clips and get to work. When you’re out on a shoot, always “shoot for the editor”. What do I mean by that? Shoot footage so that, when you go into editing, you’ll have as many tools as possible to make a quality video.

Here are some tips:

  • The videographer’s mantra is “Wide, Medium, Tight”. Make sure you get some shot variety.
  • Shoot at least 2 exterior shots. Not only does it reorient the viewer, but it can save you some headaches if you don’t shoot enough.
  • Shoot more than you need to. I’ve never come back from a shoot where I said, “I just have way too much footage.” Trust me, you’ll use it.
  • Anything that catches your eye will catch the viewers eye. Get it on tape/card!
  • Mark your tape when you’re shooting.
  • Shoot handles. Before interviews or some type of action (e.g. – the quarterback taking the snap), roll at LEAST 10 seconds before, and after, the action. That will make your transitions a lot smoother and your edits more logical.
Here’s the clip WITH the handles:

And here’s the part of the clip that I’m going to use:

If I had just hit “record” when she started talking, I probably would’ve clipped the soundbite. Same thing at the end of the soundbite.

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