My Tips and How-To Videos for Website Portfolios

After years with very few submissions it is great news that in recent years the Iowa Journalist of the Year (JOY) submissions are growing and have gone completely digital.  The full contest rules can be found here, but I wanted to run down a few tips on how to get students to create a digital portfolio that they can use for the JOY contest, Emerging Journalist contest and college applications.  I also wanted to make some YouTube videos so students could use them while making the sites.  Last year, many were filled with questions throughout the process.  This year I am also requiring all my journalists to create an online portfolio of their work.  Hopefully, the videos will smooth out the process a bit.  Wordpress is the site they are working on because it is what they use on their student website and it is what I have found to be pretty standard in the journalism industry.


STEP 1:  Creating a WordPress Portfolio Website



Step 2: Selecting a Theme


Step 3: Organizing Your Website with Pages and Menus

Step 3B: Organizing with Categories and Menus

Step 4: Custom Header

Step 5: The JEA Rubric and What to Post

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