Need a social media reality check with your staff? Try an adjective activity to root out inappropriate posting

Wordle: Adjectives

If you’re social media trial went awry, or you want to avoid one in the first place, try this activity with your staff (this activity was shared on the Journalism Education Association listserv).

Circle the traits you most want others to know you by. Cross out the traits you do NOT want associated with you. (You do not have to mark all of the words.)


aggressive agreeable assertive
conforming conscientious conservative
courageous creative cruel
curious cynical defensive
dishonest dogmatic egocentric
empathetic extroverted friendly
fun funny gregarious
honest humble immature
impulsive independent (has) integrity
intelligent introverted irritable
liberal likeable loyal
mature mean misanthropic
moody narcissistic nasty
negative nervous objective
open-minded optimistic paranoid
passive pessimistic positive
rebellious resilient risk-taking
(has) self-control selfish sensitive
serious sincere social
stable timid tolerant
unkind unstable


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