How to turn your iPad into a mobile whiteboard

In the blitz of the new iPad3 launch I became aware of a few apps out there that let teachers connect their iPads to a computer and projector.

The remote connection not only allows you to control your computer through the iPad, but it also lets you draw, make smiley faces, hearts, zoom, and highlight whatever is on your screen.  After installing this app I became an addict and students were amazed by the new magic and ease of teaching while walking around with the iPad.

PowerPoint presentations or Keynotes can also be done with the iPad.

Complications include connections and blocks by school IP and firewalls.  Make sure to have a tech support handy during the install.

There are two different apps out there to pick from.  I chose to go with Splashtop Whiteboard because it cost $19.99.  Doceri is also a good option, but costs $49.99.

2 thoughts on “How to turn your iPad into a mobile whiteboard

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  • September 3, 2012 at 3:01 am

    Ahan great share,
    I must try it with my ipad, Currently i am using Portable Whiteboards but now i will use my ipad.

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