Sound Design For Broadcast And Video

Ladue View Journalists use a hand-held mic to get a quality recording during an interview.
Ladue View Journalists use a hand-held mic to get a quality recording during an interview.

We often talk about the visual elements of broadcast journalism and multimedia like composition, focus and movement.  But the unsung hero of video journalism is really sound.

Think about it: you get the EXACT quote from your sources (no one can claim you misquoted them), and you can hear their intonation and emotion.  Instead of describing music or bustling hallways or cheers from a crowd with words, you can provide the actual experience for your viewers.

Sound is literally half of the video story, so be sure to use audio to its fullest extent.

This is a link to a presentation on Sound Design that I gave the Fall JEA/NSPA convention in San Antonio.  The sample videos I shared don’t play in the slide show, but you can get a good sense about these concepts by watching the video below.

Sound Design For Broadcast Journalism Keynote slides

“C’Mon Son” Newspackage





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