JEA Curriculum Team and Board Offer Resources for Those Engaging in Distance/Online Learning

The JEA curriculum team and board thought it was imperative we offer some resources ASAP for those who are about to engage in distance learning/online learning for the foreseeable future.

To that end, we created a Google Drive folder of resources you can use that live outside the curriculum paywall. For now, the resources are all related to basic skills you could encourage students to hone, as well as a couple ideas for advanced students and pub staffs.

No doubt these resource aren’t perfect (they are a mix of JEA curriculum resources and our own classroom resources we’ve created). But, we hope they help. They are mostly plug-and-play, with slideshows and accompanying assignments or practice exercises.

We’ll add more in the next few days as we can. If you have something you want added, please feel free to email me.

Also, please read the “READ ME” note first about usage rights and the materials. 

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