Social Media Posting Tips: Facebook Dominating Social Media Traffic Stats in 2016


To start off the school The Little Hawk online editors have been evaluating their online analytics.

Facebook is dominating all social media.  In an effort to get editors to realize the importance of Facebook they read Facebook is Eating the World  and looked at how many viewers were reached (see analytics below), when pushing, especially breaking news on Facebook.

This is a bit of a conflict with teenagers as most think Facebook is old news or a place not visited by teens.  Below are a few tips we have found when posting on Facebook and social media.

  1.  Post Stories on Facebook and Twitter:  Traffic increases by the thousands when social media is used to push stories
  2.  Use photos, GIFs and videos:  Images, gifs and video will increase clicks on social media
  3.  Post Breaking News:  Be the #1 source of news about your school
  4.  Like, Share, RT on Personal Accounts:  Show support for your writers by liking, sharing and RTing your stories.
  5.  Analyze Analytics:  It is huge that the staff knows stories are reaching thousands mainly due to social media.
Facebook Analytics
Facebook Analytics

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