From DazedDigital: The women at the frontline of documentary photography

header_photographerAs we look to educate our students in the world of media, one underlying fact that is evident is that it is still a world with few opportunities for women. Yet as we look at our publication classes, we see that girls thrive in this environment and are equally able to handle jobs in the media industry the same as men. I feel these are important topics to discuss and share with our students. At the middle school level, we of course would tread lightly lightly on  some topics compared to more mature students at a high school or college level. It is our job to teach them to report accurate news, to research, to question, to photograph and to publish in a world that  sometimes would rather ignore or hide the truth.

Here’s an excellent article on women in photojournalism. I will be sharing this with my students when we return from spring break. Each of us, as publication educators, need to strive for our students to give quality over quantity in their work. So that they can really become the voice for the voiceless.

Shelley Petkovsek

Shelley Petkovsek is an award-winning Yearbook Instructor at Mance Park Middle School in Huntsville, Texas. She has advised The Stinger yearbook since 2007 and The Hornet Buzz yearbook from 2002-2007. Shelley is a graduate of Sam Houston State University and a proud participant of ASNE Mizzou 2014. As an educator, Shelley strives to break down barriers students have to writing and open their eyes to all the possibilities in the world. Shelley is an avid photography fan and encourages her students to look for the shot, find the light, and keep taking photos.

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