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Last summer, Amanda Bright shared a richly-developed post here on letting students develop email newsletter skills. I read it at the time and filed it away for later, after a few months of not thinking about school. Of course, August rolled around, the normal chaos of the school year began, and I forgot about it.

Only recently did I re-discover it, and it’s exactly what I needed to jump start the discussion with my own students about building an email newsletter audience.

In addition to Bright’s post, here’s a rundown of a few other resources you might find helpful if you, too, are having that conversation with students:

  • Anne Friedman explains email newsletter etiquette. There are some great tips here, especially around the idea of needing to take a “value added” approach when writing for a newsletter audience.
  • Mark Jacob reflected on “8 reasons why email newsletters are a game-changer for local news” in 2020, and his points are still relevant today. Basically, we’re all overloaded with information, so newsletters offer readers a “curated” collection of information without it feeling manipulative (though, arguably, it still is).

Of course, the best strategy is to share a few example newsletters with students. I have a few favorites that appeal to my own interests, but here are a few that might be great examples for your students:

And here are a few high school staffs producing newsletters you can follow to get ideas and inspiration from:

Of course, the best strategy is to look to your own local or metro news outlets to see if they offer a newsletter your students might be able to mine for story ideas or use for inspiration.

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