Three Tips To Organize Your Virtual Learning

I am the type of teacher that likes everything organized, labeled, and in its home. When school closed and forced me into a virtual classroom, I stumbled around trying to find ways to stay organized in a virtual classroom. Here are three tips that can help you stay more organized for your students. 

Bitmoji Classrooms

Bitmojis can be cute and fun to use, but several educators have used their bitmojis to create a virtual classroom. These slides can be created in Powerpoint or Google Slides and easily shared with students. You can hyperlink anything on the screen. For example, put a poster on the wall and link it to your website. The options are endless. I plan to use mine as the welcome slide for my Google Meets. I created a Google Classroom banner gif. You can learn the basics on the Bitmoji Craze for Educators Facebook group. They created this extensive document.

Google Slides and Powerpoint Templates

I discovered in the spring that I was posting several times a week on Google Classroom. My goal was to limit my posts to keep everything organized. I discovered weekly virtual learning templates from Slidemania. 

These templates allow you to assign a week’s worth of assignments in an organized one-stop-shop. I create the slides so students can complete the assignments on the actual document and I assign a copy to each student in Google Classroom. These templates can help during synchronous learning as well.


The easiest way I have found to help students stay organized is by using a HyperDoc. A HyperDoc is a digital document—such as a Google Doc—where all components of a learning cycle have been pulled together into one central hub. Within a single document, students are provided with hyperlinks to all of the resources they need to complete that learning cycle. Simply create a document and hyperlink everything to the document. This can include a chart for the week that shows each assignment or links to the shared drives or important online resources for your publications. Here is an easy Google Doc Cheat Sheet.

A.J. Chambers

Andrew "A.J." Chambers, CJE, is the Convergence Media director at Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, SC. He is the RNE-TV Live broadcast and The Saber online adviser. He has been teaching for 13 years and is a National Board Certified educator in Arts and Communications. He serves on the board of the South Carolina Scholastic Press Association and Southern Interscholastic Press Association. He is a JEA mentor and SC mentor. He was named the 2019 JEA Distinguished Broadcast Journalism Adviser of the Year and a 2016 JEA Special Recognition Broadcast Journalism Adviser of the year. His goal is to guide students toward their individualized path of storytelling.

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