Mobile App Adds Narration to your Slideshows


This story was updated on 10/22/2013.

Making multimedia slideshows with narration has now become even easier, thanks to a new app called Shadow Puppet (free, iOS only).

Designed by a pair of former Facebook and Google employees, this app lets you choose photos from the camera roll of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, arrange them however you wish, and add voice narration as you play them back. Features include the ability to zoom into an area of the photo, and tap to highlight a specific point in the image.

There is no limit to the recording length, but a timer on the side motivates you to be brief.

Select photos from you camera roll, then reorder them if you want before making your “puppet.”

The “puppets” you create can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, and if you set up a free account, you can get an embed code to add to your website.

Hit record, narrate your image, then move to the next photo.

At the time this article was written, there is currently no way to save puppets to your camera roll and use them in iMovie or embed them in other apps for use off-line.

This app has a lot of potential to bridge the gap between photojournalism and videography, and provide an easy way to create demos for your classes.

To see what others are doing with the app, check out the Shadow Puppet Tumblr.

Update (10/22/13): The app now allows you to download your puppets to your camera roll for use with other apps like iMovie, and combine them with other content.

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