Brickflow is a new, free social curation tool

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Brickflow curates social media in real-time, with popular sites and favorite content.

When you think of Brickflow, think Rubik’s Cube for social curation.

Also think of all the ways such a neat tool can be used on your school’s news site (event twitters, sports videos/photos, homecoming queen court, student council elections, and so on).

The developers reckon it to storytelling construction with Legos:  squares of white board filled with text or photos can be easily moved around to prevail.  In this case, a triumph looks like a mashup of photos and text in an original type of multimedia story format.

According to Brickflow’s public beta announcement, “Brickflow was designed with the latest social media trends in mind. It’s based on hashtagged, square-shaped, visual building blocks.

“Supported sources are Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube, with additional sources soon to come. Each piece of content is represented by a square on the whiteboard. To build a story, the user simply places these Bricks next to each other. New content can be added through the search feature on the sidebar or by using the ‘My Content’ and ‘Content I Like’ tabs. Any web content can be added by copy-pasting the direct link.”

Below is my test trial with pictures I used from the Journalism Education Association’s instagram site.

Anyone can use Brickflow for free by signing up at

And, you should really go there to see how attractive the story can be in the hands of better curators than myself.

Michelle Harmon

Michelle Harmon is in her 13th year of teaching and advising the school newspaper at Borah High School in Boise, Idaho. She is state director of Idaho JEA and President of the Idaho Student Journalism Association.

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