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The best way to teach is through example.  And the best examples are often award-winning projects.  Below are some links to broadcast journalism national competitions where you can view the winners and discuss them with your class. While watching these projects can help them improve their work, entering contests can also  help your students become better journalists.  Here is a partial list of some national contests.


JEA Broadcast Write-offs.  Despite the name, JEA holds competitions for broadcast journalists twice a year–during the fall and spring national conventions.  They have 12 types of competitions, which fall into two categories: those that were created before the convention (“carry-in” stories which are submitted online) and those that are created on-site during the convention.

NSPA Broadcast Stories of the Year  One of the longest running competitions for broadcast journalism, the annual contest has categories for sports, news and features.  Deadlines are typically in early June.  No entry fee, but membership in NSPA is required (currently $69 annual membership for broadcast programs).

Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting.  A new organization formed by STN and JEA alum Dave Davis, ASB started hosting broadcast competitions this year.  They have news, sports and features categories, and emphasize storytelling and news judgement.  Narrative critiques from the judges are included, which is really helpful for improving your work. ASB hosts contests for the fall and spring semesters.  No entry fee.  You can view the winners on their blog.

National Press Photographer’s Association.  This organization for professional photographers also has a strong presence for videographers and editors, and is an outstanding resource for examples.  Although the journalism may not be as solid as I’d like, the technical elements are fantastic.

There are also many local, regional and state competitions.  Do you have a favorite resource for award-winning broadcast projects?  Please share your suggestions in the comment box below.


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