For $5, Photojojo University sends weekly iPhone camera tutorials, links to its store

Touchscreen GlovesLike many resources I find out about, I first saw the words Photojojo University on the Journalism Education Association listserv for advisers.  Somebody was looking for an alternative to spending $5.

Although I understand there are lots of free resources out there, this might also prove a successful option.  I subscribed, paid via paypal, , and sat back to receive weekly emails.  I filed them until I was ready to check them out, only to discover that when I “graduated” after about 10 tutorials, I received a $5 credit at the Photojojo online store.

Like any photography tutorial, this subscription website provides the basics of lighting, composition, and editing — all focused on taking photos via an iPhone 4/4S or an iPhone 5.

What’s more, there is a store that the site plugs, but I found that it provides inspiration as well, like the touchscreen gloves.  If you’d heard of them, great, but I hadn’t.  So, I felt like I got my $5 worth just in this particular tip — I always have to take off my gloves to use my cell phone.  Now, at least I know I that I have options!

For photo teachers, there’s no new surprises in the tutorials: use rule of thirds for composition, avoid backlighting, and so on.  But, it might just work with that one student who plans to use his/her iPhone to take pictures.  I know that I have a student that isn’t even considering buying a camera.  Why should he? He has an iPhone.



One thought on “For $5, Photojojo University sends weekly iPhone camera tutorials, links to its store

  • June 18, 2013 at 8:46 am

    Even though we knew some of the steps in tutorial, still it is very useful for both of us for students and teachers. And by the way, it is still more convenient if you purchase dslr cameras.

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