All-in-one lens attaches to iPhone 4

For us iPhone 3 users who are eeking out the last of our contracts and our cell phone’s life expectancy, there’s a gadget from Olloclip that might be the deciding factor in upgrading to the iPhone 4S.

The All-in-One lens clip is a portable lens that attaches easily to the iPhone 4 and offers fish eye, macro, and wide angle options.

When I found it in Apple’s San Francisco store hanging on a wall for sale for $69.95, I immediately wanted it and saw the value in using it for backpack journalism.

A sales associate told me he had just bought one and took all sorts of macro shots in his bedroom, and he raved about the detail it produced.  He joked, “I found all sorts of things in my room that I didn’t know were there.”  We laughed.

The drawback is that it doesn’t fit on any iPhone, just the iPhone 4 series.

All the independent reviews I found on-line are positive.  It’s affordable, practical, and extends the capabilities of taking pictures with the smart phone.

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