Apps for the student journalist: 360 Panorama

What: 360 Panorama

Platform: iOS, Android v2.3 or above
Cost: 0.99

With the new iOS updates, panorama pictures have become more and more popular. 360 Panorama takes panorama to the next level by making a 360 degrees picture. The app is easy to use and has guidelines to make the panorama as clear and clean as possible. Once the panorama is finished, upload it to a 360 Panorama account, post it on social media, or email to use on a website.

The panorama also becomes interactive since the app allows the viewer to scroll around and move the picture on the screen. There is also a stereographic view that puts the picture into a different perspective.

These 360 panoramas could be used to make newspapers or Yearbooks more interactive through QR codes, or spice up that map of the school with some 360 views of the major hotspots in school.

Examples from

Mike Ziegler
Jenny Lake, WY
St. Louis foggy morning

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