Using Multimedia Tools in Investigations

Los Angeles Times journalists Rich Connell and Robert Lopez have broken all kinds of investigative stories with the kind of new-age multimedia coverage that is usually reserved for features, news and entertainment stories.

On Saturday, April 16 at the NSPA/JEA convention in Anaheim, Connell and Lopez presented their work — Using Multimedia Tools in Investigations — to students and teachers.  The only catch: they didn’t have an internet connection.

So, with their permission, we are providing this link to their assembled work.  The website showcases their work on investigating high-profile public visibility stories, such as . . .

  • Salvadoran street gangs
  • Use of red light cameras
  • A devastating fatal train accident
  • The slaying of a legendary journalist

And prehaps most useful, they provide some great how-to advice on shooting video footage and creating Google Maps.

Robert Lopez was shared another session, Digital Reporting Made Easy, which has a useful and resource-filled website.  The site compiles some basic beginning information for any student or teacher just getting started with the terminology and online tools for digital reporting.


One thought on “Using Multimedia Tools in Investigations

  • April 27, 2011 at 12:14 pm


    Great post. How would high school students use Google Maps? Did the audience have any ideas?


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