Student Publications can fill out this form to gain access to ISSUU’s basic starter plan for free

ISSUU supports student journalism. Many student publications house digital copies of their print publications on the platform and will be affected by changes coming to free accounts on June 19, 2023, which will only allow 5 issues to be displayed at a time. The good news is that ISSUU offers a free basic starter plan for student publications. All you have to do is fill out a request form to have your account converted. 

  1. Visit this page:
  2. At the top it says student accounts and there is link to submit a request 
  3. It will bring up this form:
  4. Leave it on the default “I have a billing question.”
  5. Put in the email address of the account 
  6. Subject: Student Publication Account
  7. Select your topic: Student account (this will open some new fields)
  8. ISSUU Account Username ( You can copy and paste from the landing page of your account
  9. Leave a detailed comment: just explain what your account is (student publication) and for what school. 
  10. University email address (I put in my work email)
  11. University name: Put your school’s name
  12. Grade year: I put 9-12 because those are the grades of the school where I teach

There will be a more streamlined process coming, but this is how you can get this done now. 

Melissa Falkowski

Melissa Falkowski advises the newsmagazine/online news program, Eagle Eye News, and the literary art magazine, Artifex, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. She was the 2019 National Journalism Teacher of the Year and the 2020 Morty Schaap Journalism Teacher of the Year.

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