Beyond Snaps: How High School Journalists Can Use Snapchat As A Tool To Improve Reporting

Beyond SnaPs: How High school Journalists can use SnapChat as a tool to improve reporting

I’ve never seen the value of Snapchat in my journalism classroom…until now.  I’ve always thought of Snapchat as a selfie-indulgent platform. However, in one short class period at the beginning of January,  I realized — with help from my students — that it can be a valuable tool for students to use for research, seeing life around the world on micro levels, for generating story ideas and connecting with sources. 

So, before you write it off completely, consider how you can bring it into your classroom to help cover everything from the basketball game in your school’s gym on a Friday night to Coronavirus halfway around the world.  

To see some of what I learned and get some ideas, click on the link above in the image.

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