How to create a shareable GIF of your publication on Issuu to share on social media

Here is a simple walkthrough on how you can create your own.

While working on Issuu for my publication’s last paper day, I noticed a feature that we had never used in the room before. Issuu introduced a new “Create GIF” option that is really easy to use.

After uploading PDFs of your paper and publishing it, you can scroll down to “Share” and click “Create GIF” from there. After that, you can choose up to five spreads to be made into a GIF. We then just uploaded it to our social accounts and shared it.

To me, it was cool to find something that was eye catching, intriguing and different from any kind of paper day advertising I had seen before.

Madison Abanathie

Madison Abanathie has worked with the FHN Publications team for three years and is the Managing Editor. During her time she has worked continuously on the FHNtoday website changing design aspects, working with the video/media team and writing stories. Following her student work at FHN, Madison plans on moving to New York to pursue her Journalism career. She has been accepted to Southeast Missouri State University and will be pursuing a degree in Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism.

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