Yearbook advisers, you should check out this podcast just for you

As I washed the dishes after dinner one night in late 2016 and listened to the NPR Politics Podcast, I was struck by an idea: what if there was a podcast for yearbook advisers? The JEA Digital Media podcast, Jerdcast, had been available to journalism advisers since 2014, but a yearbook-specific resource wasn’t available to advisers.

I’m an avid podcast listener myself, and for more than a year as I listened to 99 Percent Invisible, How I Made This, Pod Save America and Radiolab, I kept thinking over what a yearbook podcast might sound like, and what kind of content guests could share with their fellow advisers. As 2018 began, The Yearbook Whys podcast was born.

The podcast is now 10 episodes in, and features topics ranging from establishing a yearbook’s presence on Instagram to how and why to create a strong colophon and index for a yearbook, as well as how to recruit for next year’s staff. Additionally, I’ve started a speciality series — ongoing interviews with all of JEA’s Yearbook Advisers of the Year, beginning with 1995’s honoree, H.L. Hall.
You can find the podcast on Twitter at @YearbookWhys, and you can subscribe and download anywhere you find your podcasts, including Apple iTunes. If you’d like to offer feedback or suggestions for new episode topics, please email me at — it’d be great to hear from you!

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