I’m adviser Dennis Leizear, and this is our newsroom

What is your name?
Dennis Leizear

What school do you teach at?
Padua Academy

What city and state is your school located in?
Wilmington, Delaware

What different media are produced at the school?
Daily Live Broadcast – www.paduatv.org, Online Newspaper – www.Padua360.com

How many students are involved at the media program at your school?
35 upper level, 60 in intro classes

Describe your space for us.
We converted an old classroom into our TV Studio. We have a stage for anchor and sports desks, the back wall in green screened so we can do chroma key backgrounds. I have 6 computer work stations and a small control room that we use to run our daily show. I have a closet to store all the equipment. I have two whiteboards, one for each publication, that I use to organize story ideas.

What do you think are some of the benefits of the workspace you all have?
I think the best, and worst, aspect of our work space is that everything is contained in one classroom. It’s particularly beneficial because the smaller space helps create a much closer classroom. The girls (it’s an all-girls school) become family. That can also be the worst aspect of the small classroom space, sometimes families have disagreements and there is no place to ‘hide’ in the smaller space.

What do your students like most about the workspace you have?
One student said she likes the white boards because it’s easy to see story assignments and deadlines. Another said the tables we have for collaboration instead of desks like a ‘traditional’ classroom.

What computer programs and/or apps is your staff using on a regular basis for their work?
We use GoogleDocs for collaboration on scripts, story assignments, etc. Staff uses Twitter (@padua_patv) and at times Videolicious, Piktochart, Thinklink.

What tech equipment are your students using on a daily basis?
Studio Cameras are small Canon Vixia HF R600s. We also use those and for video production. We have two Canon T5’s. My work stations are Apple iMacs complete with the Adobe Suite. Our daily show is broadcast using a Tricaster Mini. We use Audio-Technica wireless mics for the anchors and sports reporters. I have two iPad teleprompters and a larger Prompter People teleprompter for the Anchor desk. For my intro classes I have several Canon Vixia 300’s so they can learn basic camera use. All students also have a Macbook Air’s. They use those for Photos and iMovie.

 Aside from the computers and the programs, what are one or two pieces of equipment that you have that you think other programs should have.
A good microphone for voice-over work. Audio is so important but often overlooked. For live broadcast – a teleprompter. It gives a much more professional look to the production.

How is your workspace funded?
I have a very small budget from my school. We do some advertising but not a significant amount.

Do you have anything on your wishlist for your space? If so, what do you have and why?
I’d love a separate audio booth for voice over work.

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