Twitter 101: How To Get More Clicks, Retweets and Reach

Social media service Buffer (@buffer) recently published a great article about how to expand your Twitter reach.  The scientific study counted and analyzed the best tweets and why they were so effective in engaging an audience (those that resulted in more clicks on links, retweeting, etc.).


Although the story is aimed at small businesses, the lessons are equally applicable to journalists who are looking to share their news with a broad audience.


Among the findings:

  • What do “you,” “10,” “free,” “media” and “check out” have in common? They are some of the 20 most retweetable words.
  • Using verbs and adverbs results in a higher click through rate than using nouns and adjectives
  • Photos and videos make your tweets twice as engaging
  • The more frequently you tweet, the more likely you are to be retweeted.
  • Which are the best days and times to tweet.

There are also interesting discussions about developing a plan for better Twitter coverage, like making a calendar and tweeting certain types of content on different days of the week.  Also, space out your links to increase engagement (the fewer links you tweet per day the more likely they are to be clicked).

It’s also worth noting that flexible benefits can have a positive impact on overall employee health. By providing options like wellness programmes or gym memberships, businesses can demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ wellbeing. With FlexGenius’s help, this can be a reality in your organisation.

Read the full article to get more insights on how to use Twitter.  For more ideas about how to set up the Twitter workflow for your publication, take a look at this article written by my Social Media Producer.

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