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Good Morning ’Stoga staffers are expected to be in the studio 5 minutes before the first bell of the school day. The crew has 45 minutes to produce an 8-minute show that airs live at 8:08 a.m. every day.

I’ve worked out a crew hierarchy that leaves no doubt as to who is in charge of what and what is expected of each crew member:

  • News Director/Executive Producer: that’s me; I’m the boss
  • Student Producer (director): responsible for managing the control room crew and the talent; line-produces the show, and calls for shots and graphics; communicates via headset with camera operators; communicates with talent via IFBs.
  • Tech Director: uploads packages to the TriCaster, creates a crawl of the day’s events, marks script and punches the show live
  • Audio: tests microphones and IFBs, runs the audio board during show, chooses music to play before and after show.
  • Graphics: creates over-the-shoulder and full screen graphics for news, sports and weather
  • Floor manager: responsible for camera positioning, managing camera operators, communicating with talent
  • Anchors: write script, which includes readers, vos and packages, and deliver script on-air.
  • Weather anchor: compiles currents and the 5-day forecast and delivers the forecast.
  • Sports: writes script based on scores and game times; airs highlights of sporting events shot by our after school crew.
  • Field reporters: crews of two responsible for producing one package a week.
  • Camera Operators: number of operators depends upon number of cameras (we use three in studio and one on our outdoor weather set).
  • TelePrompter Operator: responsible for loading script into prompter and running prompter during the show.

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Susan Houseman co-advises the Spoke newspaper and teaches broadcast journalism at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA. She was the 2013 PA Journalism Teacher of the Year. She also serves as the vice president of the Pennsylvania School Press Association and the PA state director for JEA. Houseman worked as professional broadcast journalist at both NBC and ABC affiliates before becoming a teacher.

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