Free FaxDocument app not as free as it sounds

fax_pageAt first sight, I immediately downloaded the FaxDocument free app.

I shared the news with my husband and with my staff.  Then, I went into the application to test it.

Good idea, wrong order!

It’s not that the app wouldn’t be completely useful, but just because the app is free doesn’t mean the faxing is.  Once the app is downloaded and one is registered, then the purchase price of the faxing rears its ugly head.

Two paid packages are available:  $19.99 for 25 faxes and $29.99 for 50 faxes (79 cents and 59 cents, respectively, per fax).

I have fax capabilities (an all-in-one copier, printer, and fax machine) in my newsroom, so when I saw a price on the fax service, I immediately felt duped.

However, I can see how this would be useful with advertisers who can’t receive email documents (we actually had one last year) for ad rates and ad contracts.

And, this is an inexpensive option for a newsroom that doesn’t send out a lot of faxes, doesn’t have fax capabilities in the newsroom (either doesn’t have a machine or doesn’t have a telephone line for it), and needs to communicate quickly and affordably by fax.


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