Resources for social media and core curriculum

When starting something new like social media or common core, it can be overwhelming.  On social media, it is important for people to find topics and people that are interesting and useful to their interests. Social media shouldn’t just be a random following. There are a lot of resources out there to help find specific topics and people of interest. Most educators are interested in 21st century learning and Common Core Curriculum right now. Here are some resources to help the search of people and topics concerned with education:

  • Following a hashtag is another great way to learn from other educators. There are a lot of different educational tags out there, but there are a few more popular and widely used. The great thing about this, is it is possible to follow a tag without being on Twitter.
  • The Common Core Standards are a big concern for schools and teachers nation wide. The ASCD has a Common Core Webinar Series available to help educators implement the new standards.

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