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Once again, we are compiling a list of digital media workshops for the summer of 2011. If you would like to have your digital media workshop listed, please fill out the form here. Once you do, we’ll get you added to the list. We will also be creating one post for each workshop.

Media Now – STL

Where: Lindenwood University; St. Charles, Missouri

When: June 28-30


Contact: Aaron Manfull (

Digital Media Courses:

Design for 2011” – Get a chance to see, learn and do in this interactive workshop focused fusing your print design with multimedia elements. Whether you’re on the yearbook or newspaper staff, take note on the changing trends in publication design and how to use that design to feed your online publication, drive traffic online and tell a multi-layered story using a multimedia platform. Tell a story in a way that offers your readers the chance to see, hear and emotionally connect with it in new ways. Topics range from the basic building blocks of design (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, hierarchy, space), typography, alternate story forms, basic web design theory, using print design to drive readers online, QR codes, web reefers and current trends in web design.

Multimedia: What’s in Your Backpack” – Get out and get moving in the multimedia workshop. You’ve heard of being a backpack journalist, but what does that mean for you right now? At the Media Now Multimedia workshop you’ll get on a chance to tell a story with the camera and editing software you have available to you right now – and sometimes that means your cell phone! Don’t just shoot a news event, but learn how to tell the story through your pictures. Whether they’re moving or still, combine them with audio from an interview of a shop owner or the clinking of dishes in the back room to take your reader on location with you. You don’t need fancy equipment (although if you have it, by all means, – use it!) or editing software, you need to be able to find the story and tell the story with what you’ve got. Bring your cameras, get hands-on instruction, see samples and put together your own piece using the equipment you have.

Online Websites: From Scratch to Whistles” – Build a Web site from scratch (using WordPress) or take your existing site and add some bells and whistles – woot! woot! This web workshop will expose you to today’s online publication trends and give you a chance to incorporate new ways to connect with your readers online. If your publication is online already, think about adding QR codes, live streaming, selling yearbooks, ads and other interactive elements. For those of us still dabbling with where to start with an online presence, you’ll get an opportunity to learn the basics and see how quickly and easily it can be to meet your readers where they live when not at school.


Aaron Manfull

Aaron is in his 26th year of advising student media. He is currently the Director of Student Media at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, Missouri. He is the Journalism Education Association Digital Media Chair and co-Director of Media Now. He is the 2023 JEA Teacher Inspiration Award Winner and is a former Dow Jones News Fund National Journalism Teacher of the Year. He is one of the authors of the textbook "Student Journalism and Media Literacy." You can find him on X and Instagram @manfull. He's a proud father. A transplanted Iowan. And an avid Hawkeye Fan.

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