Premiere Pro: How to Trim and Cut Without the Razor Tool

There it was. A three-camera interview was synced up on the timeline, and the student editor’s eyes were a little wide. If I wasn’t living in a pandemic-tinted world and she’d been in my classroom and learning editing last year on the more robust editing stations in my lab, I’d have already talked her through the ripple edit.

Since I hadn’t, and since I haven’t taught video production since March 2020, editing was a little slow for her. When I was researching last time I wrote a post here, I found Javier Mercedes’s YouTube channel and noticed a great video that I think my kids would love. In an ideal world, I’d have this fun and informative video linked in a Canvas module with resources to help students new (and not-so-new) to video editing.

Julie Tiedens

Julie Tiedens is a high school journalism and English teacher at Black River Falls High School, a school of 500 students in rural Wisconsin. She advises the student online newspaper, a daily announcements show, the yearbook and a PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs school site. Over the last two decades, one of her biggest goals has been to make her students better media consumers and creators. Another goal? Raise a son who loves the news just as much as she does.

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