Start the school semester off with a Published Stories Challenge

Little Hawk staffers will put their name and photo up on this sheet on the wall with the headline and date of publication. All staffers need to have three stories published online each month with edits from editors.

To start off the school year this year we are going to have students put their name and staff photo up on a wall hanging. On the chart they will put their first three headlines and date of publication. The challenge is to have all the editors lead by example and publish their first news or sports stories to show the whole staff how it is done!

After years of advising, the journalism classroom seems to work well well when everyone publishes a news or sports story in the first two weeks of a production cycle. New staffers will be paired with editors on their first stories. Yearbook staff will publish photo stories on the website and socials. Broadcast students will publish short video stories on the website, YouTube, and socials.

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