Here’s how you can still showcase your Issuu publication on your website

I got over my frustration that Issuu now charges for the embed code to get our latest print editions onto our news sites, so I wrote the code. It’s fairly simple, not as elegant as the Issuu embed code, but it works.

In a nutshell, just make a screen shot of your front page, upload it to your WordPress (SNO) site, grab the links, insert them into some simple HTML, then into the WordPress (SNO) widget, and voila.

Here’s the link to the handout on how to do it. It’s easier than it looks.

(And if you create something better, please share!)

Tracy Anne Sena

Tracy Anne Sena is the Director of Scholastic Journalism & Media at Convent & Stuart Hall, a K-12 school with single-sex elementary and high school divisions — with publications in each. The schools’ online and print publications have won NSPA Best of Show and Pacemaker awards as well as CSPA Gold and Silver Crowns, and Convent High School is a recipient of multiple JEA Press Freedom Awards. Tracy is also the personal recipient of awards from all three journalism organizations. Follow her on Twitter @tasena.

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One thought on “Here’s how you can still showcase your Issuu publication on your website

  • June 23, 2021 at 4:45 am


    While looking at your solution approach, which works, I was looking at alternatives and found this one:

    It’s a similar approach with the main difference being that they do the heavy lifting for the user.

    Hope it helps


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