Social media for entrepreneurial journalism: 30 tools in 60 minutes

Summer break can be the perfect time for both advisers and students to take on pet projects and learn new skills, diving deeper into areas of interest than we can during the chaos of the regular school year. If social media is one of those topics you want to explore while you have a chance (and trust me, it should be), consider mining through some of the ideas and resources from #smwknd on Twitter.

This 30 tools in 60 minutes list is a great place to start. In fact, it could keep you busy all summer.

What a cool project to have editors or returning staff members each test and review a tool from this list, reporting to your staff how it might integrate with your work flow or add to what you do. It would also make for millions of other great digital media posts on this site so we can tailor our reviews and best practices to scholastic media use.

(How did I stumble on this list, anyway? I’m a longtime @sree follower. If you don’t keep an eye on his work, at least take a look at this to share with your social media editor.)

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