Basecamp could be the project management system you’ve been looking for

Advising multiple publications is a difficult task, and getting all the students on the same page is a challenge.  With Basecamp’s free-for-educators system, the adviser and student journalists get a professional-level management system that works on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.  It provides a chat system, room for multiple teams, and a powerful to-do system with calendar integration. Check out in this video how we have just begun to use it for our program in Omaha, Nebraska.

Jerred Zegelis

Jerred Zegelis has been advising publications in Omaha, NE for over 15 years. He co-advises the Shield yearbook, Lance newspaper, Craze magazine, Warrior Television video program, and the Westside Wired website. He is proud that his programs are fully student led, and finds that when he focuses on ethics and empowering young people, they produce high quality content. He can be found at:

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